Federal Railway Authority gives green light for TSB

19. August 2020

The German Federal Railway Authority (EBA) has given assurances that the core components of the railway car and track of the Transport System Bögl comply with requirements and are thus eligible for approval. The notices issued by the EBA are the result of close cooperation between the engineers of Max Bögl, the employees of the Federal Railway Authority responsible for maglev trains, infrastructure and railway cars and the various experts appointed by the EBA. Max Bögl developed the new TSB maglev technology to meet the highest safety standards from the very start.

The EBA and its appointed experts have now confirmed that the initial estimates are correct, the documents for verification are complete, the tests were done in accordance with standards and requirements and that there are no concerns about operation on the existing testing tracks. Furthermore, the EBA will use these notices as the basis for issuing the operating license for future railway tracks. Max Bögl will continue cooperating with the EBA and its appointed experts in order to obtain the assurance of approval for the operational control system as well as positive notices for other components. The next step is to acquire an operating license for the first section of the Transport System Bögl in Germany. The notices already issued by the EBA are important prerequisites for this step. Due to the short construction times and high degree of prefabrication of the system components, the TSB could be implemented and commissioned in less than two years once the building permit has been obtained.

International recognition by the Federal Railway Authority for compliance with its high standards is very important as it opens up the possibility of simplified approval procedures in other European countries. In addition, Chinese authorities will consider the technical documents verified by the EBA when approving the TSB in China. To obtain approval in China, the Max Bögl group of companies will be supported by its Chinese partner Xinzhu.

With the Transport System Bögl, Max Bögl currently offers the most advanced solution for local public transport. The system floats quietly above a narrow railway track that blends in seamlessly in urban spaces in either elevated, ground level or underground constructions. The system is offered from a single source and includes everything from planning and manufacturing to construction and operation. This allows for very short implementation times, which means the TSB can quickly contribute to relieving traffic in the urban environment. Thanks to driverless, fully-automatic operation, the system adapts flexibly to local transport requirements and is completely electric.

Credits: Max Bögl Group

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