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- Moving megacities

Cities are growing and urbanization is progressing steadily throughout the world. More than 5.6 billion people will be living in metropolitan areas and their surroundings by 2035. Such growth brings with it higher building density and more traffic, noise and air pollution. Smart public transport concepts are therefore needed to meet the challenges of big cities and link neighborhoods together efficiently and with almost zero noise. With the Transport System Bögl, we have developed a public transport system that is ready for the future. Thanks to maglev technology, this system is quiet, flexible and reliable while also saving space and lowering emissions.


Mobility of tomorrow

And with variable routing, the Transport System Bögl can be integrated into any urban landscape or existing traffic infrastructure. From planning and the manufacturing of tracks and vehicles to on-site assembly and system operation, we deliver an efficient turnkey system that redefines the future of mobility.


Due to increasing building density, city centers, suburbs, exhibition grounds, industrial areas and airports are growing closer together. The consequence: More people want to travel reliably and flexibly in less space. There is an enormous traffic density on the roads. Existing bus and tram systems are already failing to meet frequency and capacity needs in many places.

The Transport System Bögl relies on advanced maglev technology. Magnets are installed in the running gear and keep the vehicle on a steel rail mounted on the track using  electromagnetic forces. For locomotion, a linear motor is built into the running gear that can accelerate the Transport System Bögl up to 150 km/h. A major advantage of maglev technology is the nearly silent propulsion and high reliability regardless of weather conditions. The running gear of the Transport System Bögl lies protected in the track, which means snow or ice, for example, does not impair movement.


  • Noiseless through the City: Vehicle technology shielded in the track
  • No vibrations: Contactless magnetic levitation
  • Low emission regarding the general background noise
TSB quiet magnetic levetation system


  • Flexible track routing: Ground base, elevated, small curve radii, large gradients, tunnel
TSB flexible and space-saving track routing


  • Driverless operation (GOA4): Efficient, adaptive and, if required, very short cycle times for high transport capacities at peak times
  • Variable transport capacity: 127 passengers per section, two to six sections possible, minimum energy consumption per passenger
  • Future-proof: Vehicles expandable for the passenger numbers of the future
TSB flexible and adaptive cycle times for high transport capacities


  • Low-emission: Local emission-free thanks to sustainable electric drive
  • Energy-saving: Adaptive timetable thanks to short-term, automated cycle and wagon adjustments; optimises capacity utilisation and minimises energy consumption per passenger
  • Environmentally friendly: Avoidance of interference with nature, as land areas can be bridged by large distances between stands and existing road corridors can be used


  • Regardless of weather conditions: Running gear is protected inside the track
  • Constant drive: Even on snow and ice thanks to contactless linear motor drive
  • Always on the move: Redundant systems are error-independent and the TSB remains on time in the timetable
TSB reliable maglev system

From track to operation - everything from a single source

Design meets functionality

  • Automatic driverless passenger transport system with asynchronous short stator linear drive
  • Electromagnetic levitation system with combined carrying and guiding function
  • Vehicle made up of two to six powered sections
  • Up to 127 persons per vehicle sections
  • Vehicle dimensions: section length: 12 m, width: 2.85 m, unloaded weight: 18 tons, payload: 9.5 tons
  • Cruising speed of up to 150 km/h
  • Acceleration: 1.0 m/s², delay: 1.0 m/s², Gradeability: 10%
  • Minimum arc radius: 45 m; maximum cant: 8°
  • Side passenger entry, front and rear emergency exit

Comfort redefined

  • Ergonomic standing areas
  • Between six and twelve seats per section
  • Powerful and silent air conditioning system
  • Floor covered with non-slip natural rubber
  • Monitors, passenger counting devices, cameras, loudspeakers and emergency intercoms

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